Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that I would love to answer for you…

Do you bake/sell cookies, cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, pies, fondant toppers, etc.? I love to bake, but I do not sell any food products. If you see desserts that you like, please see the vendor credits at the end of the party post for a link to the bakery that so perfectly made them. I only wish I could make them look as perfectly wonderful as my talented baker friends! I am happy to help you find examples of party treats that would complement your party for you to show your local baker. I can also suggest cookie and cake artists for you!

Do you sell printables or any type of party stationery? Can you design my invitations, banners, etc.? Again, I rely on friends with great talent at graphic design to do party stationery. I do not sell any party paper collections, and I am not a graphic designer. If you see a collection that you love, please refer to the vendor credit section at the bottom of the party post. Again, I am happy to offer a consultation to give you suggestions of preferred paper companies and design ideas.

Can you help me plan my party? How much do you charge for Party Plans/ Custom Parties? I create Party Plans with suggested ideas and vendors that suit your theme. I love to chat with you via FaceTime! You can find information on FaceTime Party Consultations here. OR please refer to Party Packages for more information on pricing.

Do you do collaborations? Yes! I love to collaborate with brands that fit with the same vibe as The Party Wagon. You can find more information on collaborations here.

Do you accept contributors to write articles for your blog? I do not. Due to the overwhelming requests for this service, I am unable to reply to each email requesting acceptance of an article to be published. Please kindly understand that repeated requests will still not garner a reply.

Will you share photos of the inside of your home? Yes! You can see my posts on our new old home here. I will add more as we go along!

What type of dogs are your puppies? They are Teddybear Golden Doodles from Smeraglia. Their names are Tuck (fluffy one) and Blue (short-haired one). They were chosen for their adorable demeanor and hypo-allergenic coats. They were born one week apart and adopted together. You can follow them on Instagram here.