Happy New Year!!

What an exciting time to celebrate! We all feel the hope and thrill of a new year~ especially after making the best of a very unique 2020.  I have so many ideas that I want to share with you- and I would LOVE to hear your feedback on what would be most helpful and interesting to you!  Before we hop into that, I want to say a very big welcome to our newest members that have joined us since our last virtual get-together!

Welcome Amy Williams, Cyndy Cantley, Carmen Johnston, Beth Pressley, Kim Bowman, Chantele Miro, Stacy Mercado, Sarah Moore, and Dee Fava!  What an honor to have you all here!  I look forward to seeing you more.  If you haven’t already, please add your photo to your profile so that we can all get to know you better! 

As we head into January, please let me know what you find to be the most helpful, interesting, or fun for me to share with you. I have table settings and recipes coming your way.  Classes will begin soon and I am taking requests for what you would like to learn.  I have had a few requests already, such as pattern mixing and a step-by-step process I use to create a great looking table.  I have also been asked to share how to use social media for businesses, which was a surprise request to me- but I am happy to host a class on that, too! The more I know from you about what is fun and helpful- the better I can serve you! I have exciting plans for upcoming themed ideas, but I also welcome and make note of any requests you have! Please don’t feel shy!  Making this a learning experience, a wonderful community, and an inspiring place to be is my goal.

Wishing you all a great month ahead- let’s get creative and have some fun!





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