About Lydia Menzies

Lydia Menzies is an entertaining expert with a knack for adding memorable creative details to everything from large parties to smaller-scale celebrations. Her mission is to make each celebration a unique experience for her guests- and Lydia teaches you how to achieve the same looks and goals through her Supper Club and her award-winning blog.

Lydia has always been known for her creative flair and love of the tiniest details. She can make the most mundane affair one to remember! She loves a good play-on-words and a unique party theme. Lydia also loves to spoil her guests and is known for searching hard for the perfect party favors! Anything she touches just seems to have a “little extra something special” to it.

Born and raised in Georgia, Lydia is a southern girl who also has a love for New England…especially Nantucket, MA. As a college student, Lydia became a nanny on Nantucket and has returned to the island each summer for the past 25+ years. She eventually found herself in the hospitality industry by working at a charming bed and breakfast. Many of the guests at the Inn would stay in touch with her year after year, and Lydia realized what an impact her warm, genuine hospitality had on those she hosted. That natural tendency to offer a warm welcome and an enjoyable experience extended to her love of hosting personal parties and events frequently through the years. Lydia has also had the opportunity to host and chair countless charity events including events for the American Heart Association, local Women’s Leagues, and local schools.

How it All Started

The Party Wagon began in 2011 as a website to share children’s party ideas, kid-friendly recipes, and creative DIYs.  The name originated from friends asking to borrow her party decorations.  Her car full of party goods was jokingly named “The Party Wagon”.  After friends repeatedly asked her to write a book on all of her creative ideas, her blog was born.  The Party Wagon blog grew quickly and was repeatedly featured across the web.  Lydia’s hobby turned into a full-time job as she scrambled to keep up with the growth of the website and of her children.  Ultimately, she put her blog on hiatus as she turned her attention to being a full-time mom to her son and daughter.  Fast forward and those littles have become teens, and The Party Wagon has become Lydia Menzies Celebrates with a virtual community called The Supper Club.  The Supper Club is Lydia’s way to stay connected to each of you and to share a mutual love of creative table settings, delicious meals, special guests, memorable traditions and experiences with friends and family.

Her absolute favorite way to entertain friends and family is in her “new” old home in Athens, GA. Her husband restored a 100-year-old house to be their family home in their biggest DIY project together to date.  The tradition of hosting a Supper Club started in their first home together and continues through their children and now through Lydia’s online community called The Supper Club.

Lydia believes in bringing people together. Her love language happens to be creating experiences that involve a fun table setting and some good food!  Whether you are drawn to the recipes, the table settings, or the community, we hope you feel the warmth and want to stay to enjoy all of the things that Lydia’s Supper Club has to offer.

About the Supper Club

The Supper Club is a chance for us to get together virtually and share ideas with each other.  Each month we will have a theme, new table setting ideas, 3-4 recipes a week, and a guest spotlight.  Lydia will also feature your ideas within the community and on her social media.  We are going to find the good and celebrate it!  Lydia invites you to become a member of The Supper Club so that you can enjoy the joy of the community.

How to Stay Connected

Together is a great place to be!  Lydia looks forward to connecting with you around the virtual table at The Supper Club.  You can sign up for Lydia’s newsletter to stay in the know.  Lydia will continue to share on her blog and she will also share resources through her site.  We hope you will find your favorite way to stay connected and to celebrate everyday!