Boozy Cherries by In The Curious Kitchen


Dark Italian cherries are soaked in a syrup made with Kentucky’s finest spirits and pure organic cane sugar creating a deliciously decadent sauce.

Add one or two to your next Old Fashioned, or enjoy in any cocktail. You’ll never go back to supermarket cherries.

Another favorite way to enjoy; over a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream – pure pleasure.

Just Add Bourbon

  • The perfect gift for any cocktail lover

  • 9 oz jar


MK HenniganMeet MK Hennigan of In The Curious Kitchen

I’m MK Hennigan – Welcome to my kitchen!

As you might guess from the name of my business (In The Curious Kitchen), I love spending time in the kitchen, and my curiosity drives constant experiment.

Inspired by my deep Southern roots and the women in my family, I turned my passion for all things culinary into In the Curious Kitchen.

This is the place where comfort food takes innovative twists and turns.

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