NeatSmart Consultation


Start your journey to a beautifully organized home with a Neatsmart consultation. Can be done in person or virtual. Includes walkthrough of areas youโ€™d like organized, step by step instructions, strategies, tips, and list of recommended products. You have the steps for a DIY or you can choose to have us organize for you.

This Consultation will give you the tools to organize your space or provide a foundation for bringing Neatsmart in to transform and organize the space for you.


Carrie Peeples

Meet Carrie Peeples of NeatSmart

Carrie Peeples has been organizing homes and lives for over 10 years in the greater Atlanta area. Her company’s expertise is eliminating clutter and creating beautiful systems that work for today’s busy families.

She started Neatsmart in 2012 after spending over 15 years in the tech, Pharma, and luxury markets teaching and configuring sales solutions. Her love of order and aesthetic beauty was nurtured and honed while earning a BFA in Drawing and Painting.

Today her artistic medium is visually pleasing and functional homes that are clutter and stress free.