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Welcome to The Supper Club, the best ideas for entertaining & connecting all in one place.
Lydia will guide you on ways to add warmth, creativity, and charm to your gatherings while keeping you connected to an inspiring community.

It is a community like no other with kind, smart, creative, talented makers, professionals and learners.

You will learn so much from all of the talent in this group, which is invaluable.

Lydia’s goal is to keep this group small so that we can get to know each other through our shared interests of hospitality, design, and creativity.

The networking opportunities and connections that are created within the Supper Club are a huge bonus— and then you also get all of this…

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lydia menzies holding bouquet of pink ranunculusMeet Lydia Menzies of Lydia Menzies Celebrates

Lydia Menzies is an entertaining expert with a knack for adding memorable creative details to everything from large parties to smaller-scale celebrations. Her mission is to make each celebration a unique experience for her guests- and Lydia teaches you how to achieve the same looks and goals through her Supper Club and her award-winning blog.

Lydia has always been known for her creative flair and love of the tiniest details. She can make the most mundane affair one to remember! She loves a good play-on-words and a unique party theme. Lydia also loves to spoil her guests and is known for searching hard for the perfect party favors! Anything she touches just seems to have a “little extra something special” to it.

Born and raised in Georgia, Lydia is a southern girl who also has a love for New England…especially Nantucket, MA. As a college student, Lydia became a nanny on Nantucket and has returned to the island each summer for the past 25+ years. She eventually found herself in the hospitality industry by working at a charming bed and breakfast. Many of the guests at the Inn would stay in touch with her year after year, and Lydia realized what an impact her warm, genuine hospitality had on those she hosted. That natural tendency to offer a warm welcome and an enjoyable experience extended to her love of hosting personal parties and events frequently through the years. Lydia has also had the opportunity to host and chair countless charity events including events for the American Heart Association, local Women’s Leagues, and local schools.