The Practical Guide to Effective Communication by Laura Camacho


Learn the communication skills you need to succeed at work and get recognized for the value you already contribute. Being supremely competent is only part of what you need to succeed at work. You also need to effectively communicate with confidence. This introvert-friendly book has all you need to get your point across, bring more value to the table, and get credit for what you already contribute.

This beautifully illustrated book covers it all from what you need to know about your audience, how to engage with different communication styles, how to build trust, resolve a conflict, be more emotionally intelligent, give more compelling presentations and connect with other cool, high-performers like yourself. You even have 25 conversation starters included to get you through any potentially awkward social event. There’s even a free communication style assessment inside the book (no code needed). You don’t even need to read the chapters in order; each chapter offers a different approach to the topic it covers.

If people feel better after talking to you, you become as important to them as their mobile device. That means you are an effective communicator and senior leaders are more likely to think of you for new projects. They may even dream about you as the hero, saving the day when facing a scary board meeting or All Hands event.


Meet Laura Camacho, PhD

Laura Mixon Camacho, PhD, is obsessed with coaching leaders to enjoy more productive conversations. A certified introvert, Laura believes all communication should be compelling and carried out with style and enthusiasm.

Laura’s experience includes over 5,000 coaching conversations with high performers. Given that many of our professionals are overworked, overwhelmed, and exhausted, crafting a compelling message to reach them is a much-needed service to humanity. Great conversations build a healthy culture. A healthy culture builds sustainable profitability.

After 10 years in academia and living abroad in 3 different countries, Laura has settled in Charleston and creates quirky, interactive and intense culture-building workshops and privately coaches executives to be more influential.

She is also author of the Cultured Communication Workbook andThe Practical Guide to Effective Communication.

Laura’s area of research is political influence, having written her dissertation on the political rhetoric of former Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez. In 2009, she founded Mixonian Institute. For more info visit