Broadlawn Farm is the vision of Beth Sheeler to create a peaceful and tranquil spot for people to come together and enjoy her historic farm. Beth and her family have lovingly breathed new life into an estate that was just waiting for the right family to come along. Beth is a member of our Supper Club and was our recent feature for our Progressive Dinner Conversation. You can view the live, video edition of our conversation on my Instagram account at Lydia Menzies Celebrates. Look in the “reels” section and you will see our video. Read below to know more about Beth, Broadlawn Farm, and Broadlawn Farm Creative…

beth sheeler standing next to truck

Where is Broadlawn Farm located?

Cleveland, Ohio

Business/IG Handle

@broadlawnfarm & @broadlawncreative

Link to business website &

How did you hear about The Supper Club?

I met Lydia at the NECC Conference in March 2022 ๐Ÿ™‚

What are 1 or 2 of your favorite things about the Supper Club

Lydia is so generous with her amazing network and everyone I have met through Supper Club is so collaborative and kind.

What is a party theme (that you have hosted, attended, or wish to host) that ranks as a favorite?

I just hosted a Flax Picking Party at my farm a couple weekends ago. We had about 30 people (kids, adults, dogs!) here working together to harvest our flax crop. It was awesome!

What is your go-to appetizer to make for a party?

I don’t love to cook (my strength is finding a great caterer!) but I make a killer summer dip recipe from Barefoot Contessa and pair it with fresh veggies

If you have a business or shop, what would be the #1 item (from your shop or business) on your gift guide list?

Our Broadlawn Farm honey is so good this year! I have a few new recipes to mix it with really good scotch (from my friends at Diageo) that makes for a great holiday cocktail. P.S. The cocktail recipe is posted on Beth’s Instagram at BroadlawnFarm- I can’t wait to try it!

beth sheeler

Thank you for telling us more about yourself, Beth! I am so appreciative of you and love having you as a wonderful part of The Supper Club!


Lydia xo

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