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THE GIVING TREE Cookies ~ Teacher Gift Idea

I am often asked…”can you suggest a unique teacher gift?”  Or, “…what can I do to show teachers that I appreciate them when we have many teachers and the budget is tight?  I often suggest taking in a home-baked treat on a pretty platter and sharing it for the grade level.  This way all of the teachers enjoy the treat, and they know that you are thinking of them!  And, if you want to splurge a little… offer hand-decorated cookies made by you or ordered from a bake shop.   Take a look at these cookies by Sweet Creations by Debbie and imagine how amazed teachers/librarians would be to enjoy these little works of art…


A Ballerina Birthday Party gets a new twist with a piggy theme that will make you squeal with delight!  Maria, of Love and Sugar Kisses, brought her daughter’s birthday party request to life with the sweet touches of ballet and the silliness of a piggy!  I think she combined the two with posh piggy flair!


This party is the sweetest of the sweet!  Shauna Krantz, of Cupcake with Character, hosted this bright and adorable party for her daughter’s birthday!  I love the whimsical colors and the fabulous sweets~ this party pops with all things cute and sweet!  Join us at the Sweet Shoppe and enjoy every sweet detail!


What began as a simple gesture to introduce my daughter to a wonderful book series has become a special evening ritual for us- reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books!  I must admit, I didn’t realize quite how interesting these books would be to her, but she cannot wait to read all nine in the series.  It was only fitting that her birthday party focus around Little House on the Prairie!  Together, we had a ball planning all of the details of her party that related to the books in some way.  At Camille’s request, we focused on some of her favorite parts of the stories… prairie flowers, covered wagons, tee pees, the colors in the drawings of the books,  and “pretty”…because “Ma” liked things to be pretty!

Chalkboard Brownies and First Day Kisses

There is so much excitement at our house these days as we get ready for the school year to start!  It is all about Back to School!  Here are a couple of easy ideas to make the day more fun.  And, as a disclaimer, no professional bakers were in this kitchen- just a couple of very excited children and their mama!


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