Nikki, of Tikkido, brings us great ideas of how to cozy up your space for Christmas whether you are right in your own home or traveling to a comfy cabin to celebrate the holidays!  I love the rustic vibe and the easy-to-do decorative touches!  Grab some cocoa and sit by the fire…

When packing for the mountain get-away, Nikki didn’t drag a chalkboard along…she used a piece of black poster board to give the look of a chalkboard.  It made a perfect backdrop and only cost 50 cents!

Fluffy marshmallows and chocolate stir spoons add just the right holiday touch to that steaming cup of cocoa.

Simply dip spoons into melted “Candy Melts” and top with crushed peppermint.  The kids will love crushing the peppermint almost as much as they love swirling the spoons in their cocoa!

Nikki also brought along a pack of flat marshmallows that are made for s’mores…she had the kids use a cookie cutter to cut out holiday shapes for their cocoa!  How cute and clever!

Use mini cookie cutters to get just the right size~

Nikki suggests packing minimal decorations and using what is available in nature to decorate!  Pinecones make a great base for decorating and making ornaments with the children!  Also, pop popcorn and string it to add to the tree!


Nikki also kept the treats easy to make and fun to decorate!  Snow-capped evergreens are red birds look beautiful on the cookie platter…

Gingerbread Men just waiting to be decorated.  I love how they are hung on a string…

Nikki also suggests making Christmas morning breakfast special but easy~  Nikki says,

" at elevation can be a challenge--and even "fully stocked" cabin 
kitchens aren't usually very well equipped. But Christmas morning can
still be a feast with goodies that are either baked or prepped at home.
Cinnamon rolls and coffee cake can be baked at home and brought on
vacation. Sticky Pecan Rolls are easily prepped the night before and
baked up on Christmas morning, warm, gooey, and utterly delicious.
Brown-sugared bacon is addictively delicious, and easy to throw in the
oven to bake at the same time! "

Clearly, a FABULOUS way to celebrate! Thank you for sharing these beautiful and
cozy Christmas ideas, Nikki!

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