Cheery yellow daffodils are such a beautiful way to celebrate any occasion, and I love how Norene, of Party Pinching, incorporated them in her dessert table for Mother’s Day!  With these gorgeous ideas on a budget, you can wow your mom on Mother’s Day and help her feel as super special as she is!

Norene also added touches of pearls and lace as a nod to Mother’s Day~ you will see them here and there throughout the dessert table…notice how they line the serving dishes and the flower vases.

Norene made the simple cupcakes and topped them with a fondant daffodil.  The cupcake liners are a perfect way to tie in daffodils and they are available in craft stores.

In order to save time (because Norene is a mom, too!), meringue cups were store bought and filled with lemon custard.  Aren’t they adorable?  They look like they took hours!

These tiny, painted pots make the cutest treats- and they would be great at a place setting, too!  Norene simply used fondant petals around the lollipops…

The white pots filled with white candies are so cute!

Another of my favorite ideas…marshmallows dipped in yellow candy melts and decorated with a fondant flower and pearl sprinkles!

Norene added in a few more store-bought mini meringues and displayed them in glasses tied with lace~

Put it all together and you have a beautiful, budget-friendly dessert display with minimal time spent in the kitchen!  Every mother’s wish for Mother’s Day!

GORGEOUS AND SIMPLE- but you would never know the simple part!  Thank you for always sharing such fabulous ideas with us, Norene!  I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Party Styling and Desserts by Party Pinching

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