A family trip to one of my favorite places just happened to coincide with Father’s Day weekend, and so I decided to add a few things along the way to celebrate Father’s Day in a fun way for my husband who is a fantastic father!  We flew to Nantucket and so, it was only fitting to use a whale as a focus on our Whale of a Great Daddy!

The kids and I were planning on taking my husband on a beach picnic, but knowing that he would probably rather go sailing instead of worrying about sand in his sandwich…I asked before we surprised him, and he chose sailing!  So, we opted for a little sweet treat of handmade chocolate whales from Sweet Inspirations and drinks from cute whale glasses I found on the island.

And, we set-off for a fun day of sailing and seeing the sights…

Ha, ha, no, we weren’t sailing on that…we sailed on a great sailboat named The Endeavor- with Captain Jim to guide us.  I always love sailing with him and was excited to take my children on his boat for the first time.

My little one was excited to help hoist the sails with his dad…

While my daughter was quite happy to let the boys do all of the work!

We had a ball sailing around the Nantucket Sound and the children loved seeing places from the water that they had been to on the island. 

We had visited the Whaling Museum and so the kiddos were able to imagine how brave the whalers were out on the sea as they looked for whales~

And, how massive the whales were!  At the Whalling Museum, they were able to see the skeleton of a whale and the size of the boat some of the whalers first traveled in~

 Going around the lighthouse was fun, too!  Here we are visiting it before we got on the boat. 


We even climbed the steps to the lookout point of this beautiful church~

The beaches were our favorite parts of each day.  Picnic or no picnic, the beaches were a blast!




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