My daughter had lots of ideas of what she wanted to do to celebrate her 10th birthday!  She wanted to have lots of cookies~ and have a soda shoppe ~ and set up a spa for nail painting!  With so many ideas, I knew we should come up with something that would tie it all together.  And, that is how Camille’s Clubhouse became the theme- the Clubhouse is where you can find lots of her favorite things!  We sent invitations with a an insert that had a “password” that had to be unscrambled and brought to the party for “entry”.  That was an easy way to get the guests involved before the party even started!

When the guests arrived, they had fun looking at the Confectionery~ we set it up to resemble a bakery and later in the party the girls came back and were able to choose the cookies and treats that they would like to put in their baskets to take home and share with their families.

I divided the party into three different sections in our home.  There was the sweet shoppe that we called “Camille’s Confectionery”.  In the Confectionery, there were lots of the birthday girl’s favorite sweets~

These little beauties were made by MimiCafe Union NY~ they were fondant toppers made for our miniature pudding parfaits…

I found the tiny, green, depression-glass dessert serving pieces at a local antique shop.  They were just the right size for a small serving and looked beautiful with the toppers!

We had loads of beautiful sugar cookies that were decorated by My Little Bakery, Sweet Goosie Girl, and Better Bit of Butter…

And… beautiful and really fun cakes by Kathi at My Sweet Things!

We had a chocolate cake with pastel cookie “dots” and a pastel ruffled cake with fabulous ice cream sundaes made of fondant.  The fondant toppers are from Brenda at Sugar High, Inc. and they were amazing!!

The chocolate cake was topped off with a cake banner from Loralee Lewis~

I love the stacked cookies by Better Bit of Butter- they are always a favorite!

These number 10 cookies were gorgeous- My Little Bakery decorated a 1 and a 0 and I tied them together with sheer ribbon…

And fabulous birthday cake cookies!  

Sweet swirled candy cookies were also a big hit!  The sparkling sugar crystals made these cookies lots of fun!

And, more fabulous, glittery cookies by Sweet Goosie Girl were truly a perfect 10!

Some of my daughter’s favorite candies…

My daughter loves kitties and so I wanted to have a cute kitten as part of her Confectionery~ MimiCafe Union NY delivered!  Originally, Camille asked if we could have cake pops at her party but then also asked for doughnut holes.  And, so we went with doughnut holes decorated with these adorable little kittens!

These were some of my favorite little additions to the sweets!  I loved it that Camille could “make” these by inserting the straw and then adding the kitties with a little dot of frosting…

The guests were able to go through Camille’s Confectionery, pick out their favorite choices, and put them in their baskets to take home and enjoy…

For the baskets, I ordered wooden baskets from Save On Crafts and then the kids and I painted them to match the party colors~

This photo makes me laugh a little, because the table looks a little off-kilter and bumped around- but it gives you a general idea of how the table was set-up~

For lunch, the guests were served in the SODA SHOPPE!  Camille was so excited about this part, too!


When my daughter and I were talking about what she would like to do for her 10th birthday, we talked about all of the things that she loved.  As much as I hate to admit it, one of those things is soda!  She has yet to meet a soda she didn’t love.  She suggested we buy one of those fancy soda machines that mixed them for you and serve those at her party along with hot dogs.  And so, I told her it was a deal~ minus the fancy soda machine~ because we can mix our own and add a little ice cream.  Needless to say, her eyes lit up brighter than those red cherries on top of an ice-cream-soda-float!  

She loves to sit at the old-fashioned counters and order, and so our plan was to re-create that as best we could right at home!  We added our own girly touches and made it fit with the colors of the party.  It was really fun to make our own Soda Shoppe.  {We even met for breakfast at the Soda Shoppe the next morning!} ๐Ÿ™‚

I had bar stool covers made for each stool- the covers were made from layers of tulle and white fabric.  Each place had a menu so that the guests would know what was available at the Soda Shoppe!  We also put a large menu on display~ attached to a canvas board and decorated with ribbon…

I used some of Camille’s favorite candy to make a topiary to use in place of flowers.  I wrapped the bottom half in satin ribbon and added tulle bows~ we loved how these turned out!

 We had fabulous straws for everyone to make those soda floats even more fun!

And, every old-fashioned soda shoppe needs a soda jerk or two!  My husband and son agreed to man the shoppe, and they made some really great ice cream soda floats!

We had so many great flavors of sodas and sherbets for the guests to try~ I love the customized labels for the sodas that Loralee Lewis made for the party!

I also asked Loralee to make old-fashioned soda hats for us- she printed the sides and I put them together with tissue paper in the middle.  I loved how these added such a cute and festive touch to the Soda Shoppe!

We dished out hot dogs just like in a real soda shoppe~ except we made them “Fancy Franks” and served them in paper loaf pans with rosettes on the side!

In addition to the counter-top seating, we set up a tall table so that the girls would have enough space to sit comfortably.  I covered the tables in white fabric and used the skirted bar stools around the table…

The favorite combination of the day was lime sherbet with Coke…

For those that would rather not have sodas~ there was ice cream in old-fashioned bowls~

The Birthday Girl in her Soda Shoppe~ before the fun began!

This was such a great little shoppe with the perfect little patrons!  We loved serving up fun in an old-fashioned way~ made fresh with a sherbet color palette and juke box songs being crooned from an iPad.  It was a beautiful day with sweet friends and sweet sodas!


As the guests arrived, they were each given an adorable, handmade notebook with their names embroidered on the front.  The girls were asked to pass their notebooks to someone and that person was to write 2- 3 kind things about their friend and then pass it to someone else.  The girls loved trading notebooks, and the idea was to have sweet messages to be able to keep and read.  This is great at any age, but I especially love activities like this for children as they reach the “tween” ages!

 They were also greeted with a dish of cookies that set the tone for the clubhouse and what was waiting for them inside the clubhouse…

These little cookies cracked me up when I opened them!  They are designed and made by Nadia at My Little Bakery.  I asked Nadia to make a collection of all of the different parts of the party and to include Camille peeking out.  I love it that she was willing and able to do it!  We laughed at her little face shining through on each cookie!

And so, after the girls traded notebooks and wrote kind words to each other, they were off to the Soda Shoppe for lunch and soda floats.  After everyone was fed, they went for a relaxing, good time at “Camille’s Spa”.  This was truly her spa and she designed the details herself!  

One of her biggest wishes was for each of her friends to have a robe to wear at the spa.  These were a really big hit.  The girls LOVED having these to wrap up in during their manis and pedis!

Loralee Lewis made all of the tags and signs- and the fans on sticks!  Those were fun for the girls to have!

Camille’s requests for the spa…she wanted to have flip flops on top of pillows for everyone, just like she had seen in a Chasing Fireflies catalog.   She wanted one side of the pillows to be “soft and fuzzy” (aka fleece) and the other side to be “regular fabric”.  We went to the fabric store and this is what she chose…

Camille also wanted to have lots of nail polish so that the girls could have their nails painted.  Fingers and toes were panpered and polished!  Two family friends (teenagers) helped paint nails and kept the party rolling during the spa time!

And, for the last part of the party~ the girls put on their swimsuits and enjoyed the pool and some birthday cake!

It’s fun to be 10!



FONDANT TOPPERS ON GREEN GLASSES (Birthday Cakes)- MimiCafe Union NY  and here 


DECORATED COOKIES (10 tied with ribbon, cake stand cookies, ice cream soda, candy-shaped cookies)- MY LITTLE BAKERY AND here










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