It is always fun to have an easy idea that still has a big impact- and homemade ice cream sandwiches are so, so easy with a great fun factor added, too!  These ice cream sandwiches are all dressed up for Independence Day, but you can choose what colors you would like and make them any way you like!


We chose sugar cookies and added red, white, and blue M&M’s for our cookies…a little patriotic fun!

I used a cookie mix and cooked them for the longest recommended time so that the cookies would be crisp enough to hold up to being a sandwich!


When the cookies have cooled completely (you can even make them the day ahead), scoop one or two scoops of ice cream onto one cookie and top with a second cookie…

When they have been assembled, put them back in the freezer so that they will freeze even more…unless you are eating them right away.

Wrap them in festive baking paper and tie with a ribbon- and have several napkins on hand!  They get a little messy!

I think chocolate cookies with M&M’s would be cute and really yummy, too!  That will have to be on our “things to try” list!  Of course, chocolate chip cookies are always the perfect combo with ice cream!  Try your favorites and enjoy!!

Perfect for Independence Day or any time! 


Have fun!


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I am happy to welcome Natalie Stern from Katarina’s Paperie/Confetti Diaries as a guest blogger!  She is sharing adorable ideas for a patriotic party and FREE printables!  Find the link for the free printables at the end of the post!  Thanks, Natalie!!

We are so excited to be back at The Party Wagon sharing our free printable patriotic party collection available in our shop, Katarina’s Paperie, now. Fourth of July is one of our favorite holidays. There’s something about styling a celebration using red, white and blue that makes me feel so happy. I love sharing this joy of summer with all of our friends and family. For this year’s patriotic collection, we combined classic stripes and polka dots to create a colorful and fun design that would be perfect for any barbecue, picnic or other patriotic themed party.


There is nothing like the bright colors and happy prints of Lilly Pulitzer to make every day feel like a party!  For my daughter’s 12th birthday party, she wanted to decorate cakes~ Lilly-style!  So, in order to decide how to mesh the two, I kept thinking “if Lilly had a cake shop instead of a juice stand”… I have to admit, this was one fun party to plan!  It is a blast to see where ideas go in the hands of a TWEEN!  Enjoy and remember, “…being happy never goes out of style!”. 


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