Turn pretzel twists into something cute and fun for Valentine’s Day!  Tuck them in lunchboxes for a sweet surprise, or make a batch for a group!  They are easy and are sure to get a smile!

I used large pretzels and melted chocolate…you can use white chocolate and add a drop of food coloring or use chocolate chips…


1. Gather the ingredients.  You will need pretzel twists, chocolate to melt, candy eyes, heart sprinkle for the nose, Twizzler licorice lace, and food coloring.

Step 2.  Melt the chocolate.  The white chocolate shown above is the amount that I used for each pretzel.

Step 3.  Add desired food coloring if you would like for your hearts to have a color.

Step 4.  Using WAX PAPER, put the pretzel on the paper and drop a small spoonful of chocolate into each section of the pretzel and spread evenly.

Step 5.  Immediately add eyes, nose, mouth and LET DRY COMPLETELY.

What a cute surprise!  My kids started calling them “Pretzel People” because each had its own personality!

These could also be cute for a classroom party or for the Valentine swap- “I only have eyes for you”…

Have fun and ENJOY!!

CREDITS- Idea and Concept- Lydia at The Party Wagon

Candy Eyes were found at Michael’s Craft Store (on the baking aisle)

I was happy to share this idea at Tip Junkie’s “Tip Me Tuesday”!

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