What an adventurous and fabulous party! I love these birthday party ideas from Patty at Sweet Treat Stands- a rustic and wonderful shindig celebrating her son’s first birthday. His name is Sawyer and so a “Tom Sawyer” theme was just fitting to celebrate the adventures of the first year! You will love the ideas for your fun-loving birthday boy or girl~ there’s nothing like a bit of nostalgia with a classic theme to help you re-live your childhood while celebrating the beginning of another!  Enjoy!

Patty made the denim table cloth out of old blue jeans.  She also crafted the grapevine wreath, bought Mason jars customized to match the rustic vibe of the party, and put them together to create a chandelier!

The jars were also used on the table to hold utensils…

Patty also made the banner that she hung from a bamboo stick.  The banner is made of burlap, denim rosettes, Mason jar lids, and paper.  I love how it turned out!

The sweet treats were also a delight!  A gorgeous and boyish cake depicted Tom Sawyer in overalls on his raft- surrounded by cat tails, grass, and insects.  It is a fabulous design- and there were cupcakes to go with the theme, too!


What a fabulous party!  Thank you for sharing your birthday party ideas with us, Patty! I love this theme and how cute it is for an adventurous boy or girl!  With so many talented vendors listed below, be sure to check out these fabulous shops that contributed to the fun of this party!

Concept and Design: Party stylist Patty Smith with Sweet Treat Stands (including the ruffled denim tablecloth, the wooden raft with muslin fabric sails, denim/burlap banner, grapevine wreath chandelier, bamboo fishing rod with book and vintage typewriter, etc.)
Photographer: Wendhy with Wendhy Jeffers Photography
Fondant Cake and Cupcakes: Juliette with Fairy Tale Cakes a nut-free bakery (Strawberry Shortcake and Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes)
Custom Wooden Raft with Muslin Fabric Sails: woodworker Don B., Sweet Treat Stands
Custom Invitations and Accessories: Lindsey with The Blue Egg Events
Custom “A Good Day OVERALLs” in Blueberry Linen and Mud Puddle Brown: Rhiannon with Little Orange Shop
Custom Distressed Hand Painted Mason Jars and Jute Wrapped Letter “S”: Michelle with Rustic Cottage Designs
Custom Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn Book Sculpture: Jodi with Wet Canvas Art
Custom Drawing on Birch Wood with Birthday Boy’s Name and Quote from Book: Elizabeth with Moulage Collection
Custom Canvas Paintings: Joe and Krystelle with The Children’s Chateau
Custom Paper Tissue Tassels for Wooden Utensils: Tammy with Princess Approved Shop
Custom Overalls Piñata with Straw Hat and the Adventures of Tom Sawyer Book: Emily with Almes Accessories
Custom Wood Tiered Stand and Personalized Log Slice: Andrew with Home’n Stead
Custom Personalized Tom Sawyer 1st Birthday Hat: Janet with Dainty Couture
Custom Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn Wooden Clothespin Dolls on Stand: Nona with Min and Moots
Custom Personalized Wooden Heart Straw Toppers: Amanda with Stuff by Stuff
Wooden Utensils and Retro Paper Straws: Deann and Kathy with DK Delektables
Custom Greeting Card with Lil’ Boy Fishing with his Dachshund: Colette with Victorian 1920
Antique Finished Metal Buckets: Elizabeth with Havenshire Downs and Beyond The Seas
Banana Walnut Crumble Marshmallows and White Chocolate Blueberry Crunch Marshmallows: Mariah withThe Realist Mermaid
Strawberry Vanilla Bean Macarons and Chocolate Vanilla Bean Macarons with a Wood Grain Design: Andreawith Salt City Bakery
Crunch Top Apple Mini Pie and Toasted Pecan Mini Pie: Monica with Indayani Baked Goods
Custom Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies: Jennifer with Sugary Sweet Cookies

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Celebrating your birthday with a Mexican Fiesta is a sure way to have a great time!  My daughter and several of her friends had a ball with all of the bright colors and (hopefully) vivid memories of a beautiful party day full of fun!  Planning all of the party ideas and details was loads of fun- although we don’t claim to have everything authentically perfect- this is our take on a party that combines Mexican birthday party ideas with a young girl’s likes and wishes!  For instance, we know hedgehogs don’t hail from Mexico- but when she fell in love with a festive-looking hedgehog at a local shop, we decided the hedgehog would make a perfectly fun party favor!  So read on and enjoy- and hopefully you will find an idea or two that you can use for a Mexican-themed party or even a Cinco de Mayo celebration, too- and inspiration to incorporate ideas that make your party perfectly-suited for the birthday child! 


There is nothing like the bright colors and happy prints of Lilly Pulitzer to make every day feel like a party!  For my daughter’s 12th birthday party, she wanted to decorate cakes~ Lilly-style!  So, in order to decide how to mesh the two, I kept thinking “if Lilly had a cake shop instead of a juice stand”… I have to admit, this was one fun party to plan!  It is a blast to see where ideas go in the hands of a TWEEN!  Enjoy and remember, “…being happy never goes out of style!”. 


What an adorable combination for a party theme…and what a party!! Patty Smith, of Sweet Treat Stands, designed and hosted this fabulous COUNTY FAIR PARTY for her son~ and incorporated a VINTAGE DONALD DUCK theme!  I love it and can’t wait to share it with you!  There are so many fabulous photos and ideas! Read on for Patty’s Party Details in her own words…




Any chance I get, I love to share what my friends at Anders Ruff Designs are doing!  Maureen and Adria are ALWAYS up to something creative!  And so, I bring you another fabulous party design and graphic design by Anders-Ruff!  They were kind enough to share their thoughts on what makes a wonderful Thanksgiving table.  Their eye for using natural elements and incorporating their fantastic paper designs makes the celebration warm and cozy!



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