Hello!  Today, we are going to share with you a fun idea that is easy for the kids to help make!  The Marshmallow Rainbows have a lot of wow-factor and the kids LOVE to make and eat them!  YOU CAN WATCH US IN ACTION MAKING THESE OVER ON OUR YOU TUBE CHANNEL (we would love for you to subscribe to our channel, too!!).

To make this treat, you will need…

Blue Jell-O to make into “rain”,

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue,colors of Jell-O powder,

Marshmallow Fluff

Mini Marshmallows


Clear Cups

Ziploc Bags (snack size)

Skewers or Cake Wire

Sprinkles (optional)


1.  Make blue Jell-O according to the directions on the box.  Divide into individual, clear cups.  While the Jell-O is setting, it is a great time to make the Marshmallow Rainbows!

2.  MARSHMALLOW RAINBOWS- these are fun and easy!! You will need…

Jell-O Powder in all the colors of the rainbow each color poured separately into Ziplocs bags. (We made purple by mixing red and blue.)

Mini Marshmallows

Bowl of Water for dipping marshmallows

Ziploc Baggies


Skewers (easiest) or Cake Wire (to shape the cake wire like a rainbow, an adult will have to cut the wire and bend it like an arc to fit the bowl or cup that you use.) 

You will need to first pour the marshmallows in the water and stir to get marshmallows wet.

Spoon the marshmallows into the first color of Jell-O powder that you want to make.  Close the bag tightly and shake to coat the marshmallow.  Tip- don’t spoon water into the bag- use a slotted spoon if that helps!

Take colored marshmallows out of the bag and place on waxed paper to let dry for about 2 hours

Repeat with each color.

When marshmallows are coated and dried, assemble them on the skewer or cake wire in the colors of the rainbow.

3.  When the blue Jell-O is set in the cups or bowls, add a dollop of Marshmallow Fluff for the cloud.

4.  Place Marshmallow Rainbow over the top of the cloud.  If you use a cake wire, gently slide the rainbow down the sides of the cup.  Be careful not to let it pop out on you!  Flying rainbows make for big laughs, though, that is for sure!  An adult should help with this part to be safest.   

ENJOY!!  It really is a perfect way to brighten any day!!  We love these for rainy days!

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