Everybody knows what bunnies love the most…

Take a look at this unique and FRESH idea for teacher gifts and hostess gifts this Easter!



CARROTS!!!  These are no ordinary carrots, I tell you!  These carrots are pickled and delicious and homegrown right here in Georgia.  A delightful little gourmet company, called PHICKLES PICKLES has taken pickles to a whole new level!  They make great gifts all year round, but I couldn’t resist getting a few jars fixed up for Easter!






And it has the Bunny’s “stamp of approval”!


There are so many other garden varieties from Phickles- Bunny Heaven!!  The “Sweeties” on the left are new and are pickled sweet peppers.  Phickles Pickles creator and owner, Angie Tillman,  suggests topping your deviled eggs with these little pepper rings to dress them for Easter.  Yum!


And there are more garden goodies…



Phickles Pickles is a small, family company that prides itself in its family recipe and the fact that everything is grown close to home and pickled with pride by its owners in their facility they call “The Pickle Parlor”.

The name “Phickles” comes from Angie’s husband’s name Phin.  It was Phin that first introduced Angie to his homemade pickles and Angie who developed the concept of the company.  Keep it fresh, homegrown, and (as Angie says) PHUN!


 Angie definitely keeps it fun!   She loves doing tastings and sharing her products with everyone. 

One of my favorite ways Angie and Phin share their pickles is the PICKLE PORCH!  They put pickles on the porch and you come pick them up and pay!  Locals in the Athens, GA area are big fans of the Pickle Porch!

Phickles Pickles can also be found in boutique stores in Atlanta, Athens, and several stores around the country.

Visit Phickles Pickles on the web, Facebook, or Twitter.

And if you can’t bear to give away the pickles as gifts, use them for your own Easter lunch… 



 To find PHICKLES PICKLES near you or order directly from the company, check out their blog and website.




FOR ATHENS PHICKLES PHRIENDS– Angie has a Pickle Porch Special today…

A pack of 4 jars of Phickles for $24!


And, if anyone wants a bunny “Stamp of Approval” to dress up your gift, send me a message!  I can make those for you!  (Limited Quantity)

Another cute idea to use to top the jars would be customized round stickers! 



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