Finding a cute way to thank your children’s teachers is always a bonus during the holiday season!  This easy idea will have everyone smiling with joy, peace and good cheer!

I ordered mini wooden scoops printed with Joy, Peace, Cheer from Sucre Shop on Etsy.  The scoops are perfect for candy dishes, nut dishes, or ice buckets!  Place the scoops inside of a cupcake wrapper and fill with a treat of your choice!

I used colorful wrapped candies from the grocery aisles and pistachios.  Pistachios offer a welcome change from the many yummy sweet treats that we enjoy during the holidays.  I especially like the pistachios for the male P.E. coaches on the list!

I slipped the filled cupcake wrapper into a cellophane bag and tied with a ribbon.  Attach a tag to the ribbon and you are all set!

For this gift idea, you will need cupcake wrappers or some small cup, nuts or candies, wooden scoops, cellophane bags, ribbon, and a gift tag. 

These also make a cute hostess gift!  And, you can use a small candy dish if you would like to substitute the paper wrapper for more of a keepsake.

Here is a better look at the cute, little scoops!  I just love them!  I am also thinking they would be equally cute tied to a bag of bath salts!

My children go to a close-knit school with many wonderful teachers that contribute to their daily routines at school.  I am excited to be able to let each of them know we are thinking of them and that we appreciate them so much!

How about you?  How do you spread good cheer to the teachers in your lives?  I would love to hear your great ideas!  We have over 20 teachers (including art, music, PE, media, foreign language, etc.) that we are lucky to have interacting with our children each week, and I always love great teacher gift ideas!  Please feel free to share!

 Vendor Credits:

Mini Printed Wooden Scoops- Sucre Shop on Etsy

Cupcake Wrappers in Dots and Stripes- Shop Sweet Lulu

Photos by Zoomworks Photography

Styling by Lydia at The Party Wagon

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