An old-fashioned County Fair Birthday is just perfect for celebrating a big occasion- like turning one!  Tori Johnson, of The sTORIbook, pulled out all the stops to celebrate her little guy’s big day!  I love how each station is named like a booth at a county fair…from a pie-eating contest to ring toss and a bake sale, this was big family fun with a big vintage vibe!  Enjoy!

A loaded candy cart was a huge hit, I am sure!  Tori’s husband is in the wine industry, and he brought home this cart…and Tori turned it into the perfect candy cart for the party!

I love how the cotton candy is hanging from the side~

What a fabulous party, Tori!  Thank you for sharing your creative way of celebrating your little boy!


Party Concept, Styling, and Paper- The sTORIbook

Photos by Rhobin’s Nest Photography


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What an adorable combination for a party theme…and what a party!! Patty Smith, of Sweet Treat Stands, designed and hosted this fabulous COUNTY FAIR PARTY for her son~ and incorporated a VINTAGE DONALD DUCK theme!  I love it and can’t wait to share it with you!  There are so many fabulous photos and ideas! Read on for Patty’s Party Details in her own words…


What began as a simple gesture to introduce my daughter to a wonderful book series has become a special evening ritual for us- reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books!  I must admit, I didn’t realize quite how interesting these books would be to her, but she cannot wait to read all nine in the series.  It was only fitting that her birthday party focus around Little House on the Prairie!  Together, we had a ball planning all of the details of her party that related to the books in some way.  At Camille’s request, we focused on some of her favorite parts of the stories… prairie flowers, covered wagons, tee pees, the colors in the drawings of the books,  and “pretty”…because “Ma” liked things to be pretty!


There is nothing like the bright colors and happy prints of Lilly Pulitzer to make every day feel like a party!  For my daughter’s 12th birthday party, she wanted to decorate cakes~ Lilly-style!  So, in order to decide how to mesh the two, I kept thinking “if Lilly had a cake shop instead of a juice stand”… I have to admit, this was one fun party to plan!  It is a blast to see where ideas go in the hands of a TWEEN!  Enjoy and remember, “…being happy never goes out of style!”. 


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