Similar to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day gives us yet another opportunity to show appreciation for the people that impact our lives the most. What also complements these days is the debacle of giving Dad something meaningful. Instead of the last resort “#1 Dad” mug of which they probably have too many, I collected a list of gift ideas that Dad will definitely love. 

1. The Air Fryer~


Ultrean Air Fryer

The Airfryer is everywhere, but nonetheless Dad will get a kick out of all of the various foods he can fry. I think an airfryer would be a fun gift and activity for the whole family, adding an excitement to burger night. 

2. Whiskey Wedge~

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

To complement your corkcicle wine glass, gift Dad with the Whiskey Wedge. The design is sleek and leaves just enough room for their preferred liquor. I think this would be a super fun addition to glassware at the beach house, and he will look forward to this all throughout the summer.


3. Protective Swim Trunks

Coolibar SPF 50 Swim Trunks

I think these Navy Coolibar swim trunks are both stylish in addition to being protective. The name of the game is sun protection, and gifting Dad a pair that would keep him in the sun a little longer while sporting a sleek style would be a thoughtful and long lasting gift. 

4. A BBQ Set for the Golfer

Uncommon Goods Golfer’s BBQ Set

For the Dad who loves to golf and grill… The golf grill set is such a fun and creative way to show Dad that you pay attention to his interests. It even comes in a mini golf bag to add some spunk to grilling in every season!

5. Running On Clouds

On Cloud Running Shoes

Is it just me, or do other people think these running shoes add an athletic and casual touch to the typical day-off fit for Dad. With the On Cloud shoes, they are ready to go whether it be exercise, football in the backyard, or projects are home. Not only are they ready for any activity, but they’re comfortable too! 

6. Copper Rain Gauge

Uncommon Goods Copper Rain Gauge

7. Luxury Loungewear

Royal Highnies Original Lounge Shirt

Royal Highnies’  lounge shirt is a great gift for anyone. Dad might be hesitant to engage in luxury comfort, but as soon as he puts it on, he’ll never go back. You can get some for the whole family too! Every time he wears the lounge shirt after a long day, I guarantee he’ll remember when he was gifted it on Father’s Day. 

8. Blue Light Glasses

Felix Gray Blue Light Glasses

In a screen-oriented world, our eyes are definitely paying a price. Not only are Felix Gray’s glasses a solution, but he will look smart and sophisticated either working from home or at the office.


9. Monthly Beer Subscription

Craft Beer Club

A beer subscription is something Dad will immediately get behind. For a whole year, you can gift Dad with new flavors and types of beer. This is a fun and anticipatory gift. Maybe he will find a craft that will stick! 


I hope this list gives you some inspo to celebrate Dad on his day-here are more Father’s Day Gift Ideas, if you need!  I hope these help you make it the most special one yet! 



Lydia xo






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What began as a simple gesture to introduce my daughter to a wonderful book series has become a special evening ritual for us- reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books!  I must admit, I didn’t realize quite how interesting these books would be to her, but she cannot wait to read all nine in the series.  It was only fitting that her birthday party focus around Little House on the Prairie!  Together, we had a ball planning all of the details of her party that related to the books in some way.  At Camille’s request, we focused on some of her favorite parts of the stories… prairie flowers, covered wagons, tee pees, the colors in the drawings of the books,  and “pretty”…because “Ma” liked things to be pretty!


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