What an honor to be interviewed by Heather Adams for her podcast entitled, “This Intentional Life“!  I feel so humbled to be part of such a stellar line up of interviews, and I can’t say enough about how wonderful it was to spend time with Heather and her team.

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Heather is the owner and CEO of Choice Publicity in Nashville, TN.  I originally had the pleasure of getting to know Heather through The Southern C and have continued to enjoy all that she has to offer and share through her public relations firm, her Choice Summit, and her podcast.

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Heather has created such a welcoming environment around her business and she is someone who inspires so many other women to keep reaching for their goals and their potential.  The women that work with Heather at Choice Publicity are some of the most caring and ambitious women I have met.  I value the relationships that I have begun with them and the opportunities that arise because of the team.

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I invite you to visit the podcast episode and the notes written about the episode.  I enjoy listening to Heather’s podcasts while I am driving or out for a walk. I hope that you glean some useful tips from our interview together- and bookmark them for next year or adapt them to fit throughout the year of celebrations.  I was speaking off the cuff and from the heart- I hope you enjoy listening!

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Many thanks to Choice Publicity’s team of ladies with Heather Adams at the helm- you all are a force and I am thrilled to be a small part of the fun!




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