Citrus – themed party ideas are some of my favorites to create! The play-on-words is always a bonus with lemons, limes, and oranges which makes it fun to create a little bit of whimsy at the party. Orange you glad? ๐Ÿ™‚ It was such a privilege to be able to plan the party for The Southern C Membership Welcome Party at the TSC Summit in February. It was held at Sea Island in GA, and so the weather allowed for us to be outdoors.

lemon orange topiary cake with green leaves

citrus party flower truck blue

citrus party floral arrangement on porch

balloon installation in pool for citrus party

When deciding on a theme, I wanted to choose something that we could find easily, as we were all traveling a long distance and we needed something very manageable. We were also very thankful that the Summit was going to be able to be held even during the pandemic. And so, “Orange you glad to be at The Southern C” just sounded right.ย  I also wanted the main decorating items to be re-usable and citrus always seems to be the perfect choice. Not to mention, it seemed smart to offer lots of extra vitamin C! We needed to be able to set up quickly and without seeing the space before the event.ย  I knew we could do it, especially with lots of talented ladies and gents joining in together.

citrus party ideas for table vignettes

citrus party topiary cake with balloons

Here is a photo of the team we assembled to make it all happen on the day of the event. We missed Sirmantha, of From Sir with Love, who designed the invitations, napkins, and cups, name tags, and signs. Kelli Boyd is the photographer and we couldn’t get her in the photos! Our photo below is also missing Kate from Merci Bouquet Flower Truck, as Kate had to get ready for the following day. Below, I share more so that you can see the details of the day/night!

citrus party hosts in front of blue flower truck

flower truck with hydrangeas and more

cab of the blue volkswagon truck merci bouquet flower

cocktails for a citrus party with recipe

citrus party orange paper lanterns hanging from umbrella

flatlay of citrus party elements cups mask crown stir sticks

bowl of cut citrus fruit on pink white striped tablecloth with napkins

Guests were greeted as soon as they arrived by the most adorable flower truck! Merci Bouquet Flower Truck parked in the front with flowers on the back so that there was an immediate excitement about the party. I can’t think of a more welcoming sight than a super cute truck full of flowers!

blue flower truck merci bouquet

We used lots of blooms from the truck around the patio and porch for the party- we went with pink, coral, orange, yellow. and green. Mixing the flowers and the fruits made for fresh and beautiful arrangements. Each guest was also greeted with a handmade mask by TSC Member and hostess Gabrielle Rogers of The Preppy Stitch.

gabi rogers holding orange print fabric mask at outdoor party

orange print fabric mask being held by Gabi Rogers

Of course, each guest was also greeted with an offer for a drink in customized TSC cups by From Sir with Love. We garnished the drinks with colorful straws (because masks) and hand-drawn stir stick designs by Giddy Paperie x Acrylic Sticks.

acrylic sup with giddy paperie acrylic stir sticks being held over pool with balloons

The artist herself, Leslie of Giddy Paperie…

leslie chalfont of giddy paperie holding cocktail by ivy wall

orange cocktails with stir sticks

The outside patio and pool were a beautiful backdrop for the party, but we absolutely love the balloon installation that was created by Diane of The Enchanted Frog. It added such a perfect touch with the party colors and was a big impact on our small space. It was really fabulous- I loved having the balloon decorate the space in an unexpected way. Here is Diane, the designer behind the installation…

diane bolen with balloons by pool in sea island ga

balloon installation in pool for citrus party

We served light appetizers with recipes by MK Hennigan, of In the Curious Kitchen. MK made her signature pimento cheese and ham pate’. We served them in individual cups with a bread twist. Here is MK, below, with her fabulous spread (and sporting her fabulous TSC custom crown). We also topped the tower of appetizers with a monogrammed Twilly from The Preppy Stitch.

mk hennigan at party table with food and citrus flowers

Everyone raved about the pimento cheese for days after the party!

food on patio at party with ivy covered wall in background

Speaking of raving…did you realize that the citrus topiary is a CAKE?? Cake! By the always incredible Julie McAllister of For Heaven Bakes. Julie drove the cake from Charleston and we all enjoyed watching the reactions when everyone was told it was cake. We added blooms to the topiary and a little sign at the top, but otherwise, it is all edible!

citrus party by the pool with cake bites and balloons

Julie also made the most fabulous cake bites- some with vanilla icing and some with chocolate icing. They were so delicious- that is another perk of Julie’s cakes…they look amazing and they taste amazing!

cake bites with chocolate frosting and balloons

Here is Julie with her masterpiece of a cake~

julie mcallister for heaven bakes orange lemon tower cake

lydia menzies and julie mcallister standing back to back

giddy paperie lydia menzies for heaven bakes at a party

I have to say a huge thank you to Cheri’s (TSC co-founder) husband, Vance Levy, for taking on many roles to help~ especially making the unbelievably good cocktail recipes that were supplied by Cathead Vodka.

friends talking at a party with masks

ladies at a patio party with masks and social distancing

I was so excited to get to meet Supper Club Member Lee Bogle, of The Southern Sideboard, in real life!

lee bogle lydia menzies at party

It was such a wonderful night and a wonderful chance to get to be together at The Southern C. Being a member of the group has been such a fantastic choice for me, and I was honored to be able to help plan the Member Party with so many wonderful ladies.

citrus party hostesses on patie



Lydia xo

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