Hunt Slonem and his iconic bunnies are always a delightful way to enhance a home and a party! I also love the butterflies that Hunt so vividly paints in multi colors- and the butterflies share the spotlight in this dessert table designed for his Hop Up Shop. Hunt’s Hop Up Shop takes his artwork and incorporates its beauty into everyday life in your home. I am honored to design with them and invite you to join this party, too! P.S. I have a gift code for you at the bottom of the post!

light lavender bunny painting in gold frame surrounded by pink and yellow cakes

Depending on the size of your party, you can set up the dessert table in two different ways. If you are hosting a small group, include the desserts as part of the table decorations…

table set for mother's day with green chairs flowers and cakes with art on the wall behind table

mother's day table set with butterflies cakes and flowers

This table has a bold use of color to mimic Hunt’s bold use of color in his paintings and homeware. Notice the beautiful butterfly plates stacked on top of the bright bunny placemat. I topped it off with an antique tea cup and saucer to use with dessert. I think the way that the colors, patterns, and mix of new and old pieces flow together adds interest and charm to the party.

table set with butterfly plate bunny placemat and antique china surrounded by beautiful cakes

I am never afraid to mix patterns and different pieces. The trick is to have a common thread that weaves it all together. Here you will note that the deep pinks play nicely with the pastel colors and give the table a consistency that ties it together. A variety of colorful flowers is another way to keep the table cohesive.

mothers day table overhead shot of flowers and cupcakes

table set for mothers day with butterfly placemat and plate with flowers on top

The black and white butterfly plate looks sophisticated and gorgeous on the butterfly placemat. The tiny cup of flowers on top brings in a delicate touch of garden whimsy.

mothers day table set with flowers and butterflies using hunt slonems hop up shop dishes

Did you notice the double old-fashioned glasses at the place settings? They have gold bunnies painted on them- and I added a straw with an edible wafer paper butterfly.

clear bunny glass with pink striped straw with edible blue wafer paper butterfly on straw

I paired it with a Hop Up Shop bunny cocktail napkin for the perfect look…

bunny glass with straw with butterfly attached to straw being held in front of butterfly painting

And incorporated butterflies and flowers in vintage and antique accessories…

small cake stand with flowers and butterflies topped with silver cup of flowers

The Hop Up Shop napkins also fit seamlessly into the mix of the table- they add another sophisticated nod to balance the whimsy~

mothers day table set butterflies and champagne

black and white bunny napkin on table beside plates

And the bunny napkin works perfectly with the bunny bowl full of flowers!

bunny bowl with flowers on a colorful garden stool

bottle of champagne on mothers day table with flowers and art in background

overhead view of flowers in a vase on top of a garden stool

butterfly plate by hunt slonem on top of a bunny placemat

table setting with flowers bunnies and butterflies for mothers day

It is always better in person and so I hope you will visit and order your favorites from Hunt Slonem’s Hop Up Shop. There are butterflies, bunnies, and birds galore- you will be thrilled to add the different pieces to your home, just like I am! Use my code LYDIA20 at checkout and save 20% off of your order (books and bundles excluded).

blonde lady sitting in green chair wearing white pants with butterflies on the side

It would be so fun to know what you choose for your home and tables. Tell me in the comments below or stop by on Instagram and let me know! Have fun and enjoy bringing the joy of Hunt Slonem’s shop into your home! I will share another way to set up this party idea in your home soon. Be sure to check back very soon!


Lydia xo

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