The Hunt Slonem Hop Up Shop is literally hopping with amazing ideas for Easter gifts and Easter basket ideas! I am thrilled to share my code with you all to be able to save 20% off of your purchase at checkout! Please know that this excludes books and bundles. You can click on the links below to take you to the Hop Up Shop.  The code is LYDIA20

table set with floral tablecloth and hunt slonem bunny plates

Today I am sharing my top 11 favorites- but be sure to check back as I seem to have a new set of favorites each week! They are truly beautiful works of art that are lovely year round and clearly have an extra-special shining moment at Easter and spring time!

Here we go!

  1. Embroidered Cocktail Napkins with Colorful Bunnies
    white linen square cocktail napkins with bunnies on them in blue purple pink yellow orange and green
  2. Bunny Portrait Plates– these plates look gorgeous on a table and they also create a fun plate wall. I love the gold trip around the ruffled edges. Collect the different colors and mix and match! pink square plate with black bunny painted on itsquare small white plate with ruffled edges and a whimsical black bunny painted on itsmall square yellow plate with black bunny painted on itHunt slonem bunny plate small green with two black bunnies painted on ithunt slonem bunny plate in turquoise blue with black bunnyorange square plate with two bunnies painted on in blacksmall square red plate with white bunny painted on it
  3. Bunnies and Butterflies Nesting Bowls– this set is so clever and creative! You receive 6 bowls and 2 mini plates within the set. They nest for a fabulous display when not in use, and they are so practical when needed for a party! My favorite way to use them is on a charcuterie board or bar cart display. nesting bowls shaped like an egg and painted with bunnies on bottom and butterflies on topset of six bowls in different sizes plus two mini plates
  4. Set of 4 Bunny Glasses in Pink, Blue, Green, and Clear- these cocktail glasses are stunning with the colors and the gold accents. Guess what? They also double as votives for candles! Great thought went into making these beautiful glasses that are perfect for serving drinks and then can also double as a candle holder. The sets are available in matching colors or you can choose the set with one of each color…double old fashioned glasses with gold bunniesdouble old fashioned glasses in light pink with gold bunnies painted on them
  5. Rabbit Dinner Plates in White– this is one of my favorite plates to use for our family meals. For us, 4 bunny plates around the table always bring a smile to everyone at the table. These plates come in sets of 2 and are also beautiful on a wall. These  are just plain fun and bring joy to our home!Be sure to notice the back rim of the plate too!round white plate with outline of bunny in blackback of white plate shows many rabbits running around
  6. Blue Bunny Lacquer Coasters– this set of 4 bunny coasters are a pop of color on a table and also look fabulous around your house as needed. Bonus- the box in which the coasters are housed can be used as its own trinket or keepsake box. The set is one of my favorites for its blue color- but there is also a gold-leaf bunny coaster version that is oh-so-chic! blue lacquered bunny coasters and boxgold leaf drink coasters with white bunnies
  7. Embroidered Dinner Napkins with Pink Bunnies– this set of 4 napkins is made of linen and embroidered with Hunt’s iconic bunnies in bright pink. And, they also are available in other colors such as gold bunnies and blue bunnies. I like the idea of mixing the sets of napkins to create a fun and whimsical look.four white napkins with pink bunnies embroidered on eachcobalt bunnies embroidered on white linen napkins4 white dinner napkins with gold bunnies embroidered on them
  8. Rabbit Run Round Lacquered Placemat in Pink– another fun pop of color for your spring tables- this placemat acts as a perfect frame for your plates on your table. The sophisticated print and whimsical color combine to make your tabletop stand out. There are several colors and styles of placemats at the Hop Up Shop- this is just one of my favorites! hot pink round placemat with bunnies in white
  9. Rabbit Run Serving Platter– this is a stunner! I absolutely love this large bunny platter. It is perfect for serving Easter side dishes, filling with dips and veggies for a party, or even displaying in your kitchen or on your wall. large oval platter in white with outlined bunnies in black
  10. Bunny Bar Bowl with Pink Interior– this bunny bowl has a million different uses! At our house, it currently serves as a candy dish. It also becomes the perfect place to hold sliced lemons and limes, mixed nuts and trail mix, hummus and other dips, you get the idea! It is basically my go-to bowl to hold all of the things when I want to create a nice presentation. I really like the pink interior color- and it also comes in a sophisticated black interior. The gold rim around the top literally tops it off.white candy dish with bunnies painted onthe outside and the inside is painted solid pink
  11. Bunny Drinks Tray in Pink– everything looks stylish on this bunny tray! I love the artwork combined with the beautiful colors that are available. Pink, navy blue, and orange all lend a classic feel to the party tray. It is one of those pieces that you will want to leave out to display in your home and not tuck away in a cabinet. A work of art that is functional. bright pink drink tray with two bunnies in center painted in goldorange tray with gold bunnies painted on itround drinks tray in cobalt blue with gold handles and gold bunnies painted in middleI hope these pieces inspire you to enjoy some of the colorful world of Hunt Slonem on your table! What a treat to be able to share these ideas with you. Cheers to art on your table year-round that has an extra-special spotlight in the spring! Hop to it and please share the items you use on your table with me! Tag me on Instagram @lydiamenziescelebrateand and I will share! Remember to use code LYDIA20 when you shop at Hunt Slonem’s Hop Up Shop. Have fun!


Lydia xo

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