Hunt Slonem- the fascinating artist most recognized by his iconic bunny paintings, beautiful butterflies, and brightly colored birds.

artist hunt slonem with art gallery owner jessica hagen standing in front of colorful painting of birds
Jessica Hagen Fine Art, Artist Hunt Slonem, Photo by Nick Mele Newport, RI

Without a doubt, Hunt is one of the most intriguing artists of our lifetime~ย  and I have been intrigued for quite awhile by his

*quest for preserving history through saving and restoring historical homes

*his bold use of color combinations in his homes, clothing, and artwork

*his penchant for repetition in his everyday life and work, and

*his appreciation for giving new life to collections of antique finds

Originally, I stumbled upon Hunt Slonem by reading about the homes that he had restored across the south- I was instantly drawn to his willingness to pour so much time, care, and attention into these places with the intention of creating something for people to enjoy and to learn from in the future.

large white historical home with six columns and red front door in louisiana

hunt slonem historical home with lots of trees framing the home

castle owned by hunt slonem

And, always being drawn to a colorful lifestyle, I was instantly pulled into Hunt’s vivid artwork that hung on the walls in his homes. He mixes his own art with the art of other artists, but Hunt’s style and use of color captured my attention and made me want to find out more about him.

colorful large painting of butterlies

glass rabbit sculptures on table with colorful paintings on wall behind
photo by Rebecca Love Photography/ Jessica Hagen Fine Art Gallery Newport

Appropriately, I found myself going down a rabbit hole into the world of Hunt’s art and the incredible life that he has led. From living in Hawaii, Nicaragua, New Orleans, and New York, his life has been influenced by a riot of colors and exuberance that are beautifully reflected in his art. He immersed himself in color, beauty, and art and now he echos that back through his paintbrush and canvas and shares his gifts with the world.

blonde lady wearing black dress standing next to artist hunt slonem with his paintings
Lydia Menzies and Hunt Slonem
hunt slonem holding blue bunny painting with blonde lady beside him
Hunt Slonem and Lydia Menzies


Several years ago, I had the opportunity to visit with Hunt (and take my kids!) in his studio and to see him in his working environment. At the time, his studio was located in Brooklyn (he has now relocated to NYC in the Hell’s Kitchen area) and the view from the studio overlooking the water and the Statue of Liberty was quite stunning! Not to mention, the studio itself felt like joy and whimsy without end. It was captivating, intriguing, enticing, exciting, exotic, and joyful at every turn!

hunt slonem in his studio in front of bunny wall with lady and her son and daughter

hunt slonem's bunny art in red and silver on hot pink wall
photo by Lydia Menzies


Hunt’s art can be seen at the Guggenheim, the MET, and in a variety of art galleries. His work hangs in homes of the famous and in homes of quiet collectors. You may have seen his paintings depicted on fabrics by Lee Jofa and on wallpaper that hangs in homes around the world.

Hunt has realized the enjoyment that his clients and customers receive by being surrounded by his work, and he has been working to make his creations more easily accessible for everyday use. In addition to fabrics and wallpapers, Hunt Slonem has created what he calls the Hop Up Shop (a nod to a pop-up shop) which is a line of home furnishings that lets you live among his bunnies, butterflies, and birds as you wish! It’s a brilliant idea for bringing his creativity into your home and onto your tabletops!

red plate with two double bunnies

double old fashioned glasses with gold bunnies

hunt slonem plates on flowered tablecloth

I am thrilled to share with you that I am partnering with the Hunt Slonem Hop Up Shop to offer ideas on how to use his beautiful creations as you set your tables, host parties, need gift ideas, and more. As you browse and shop, use code LYDIA20 to save 20% off of your orders (books and book bundles excluded).ย  I will continue to share with you and hope that you will be touched by his gifts and talents as much as I am. I have a deep appreciation for his commitment to making our world more vivacious, intentional, and, of course, vibrantly colorful! I will continue a series of posts that will highlight Hunt’s talents and his fun and whimsical Hop Up Shop. The Hop Up Shop is sophisticated, elegant, charming, and delightful! Remember to use the code LYDIA20 to save 20%!ย  Have fun! See you soon!


Lydia xo

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