How fun to serve these delightful little guys at your next Beach Party, Under the Sea Party, or just for fun while you are enjoying the summer!

Margit, of Dot and Dash, was inspired to make these Octopops for a recent Sip and See (celebrating a children’s clothing boutique) after seeing them in pink for a party by Wants and Wishes.  With permission granted to share, Margit put together a tutorial to show you step-by-easy-step how to create these cute fellows with ease!

Here is all you will need…

lollipop sticks
candy eyes (available at craft stores and some grocery stores)
candy melts
Silpat mat or waxed paper

Step 1:

Insert lollipop stick into the top of the marshmallows

Step 2~ Melt chocolate in a small bowl according to directions

Step 3~ Dip marshmallow into the bowl. Make sure it is fully covered with the chocolate…

It should look like this…

Step 4~ Place on silpat mat or waxed paper.  Add eyes onto the front of the marshmallow.  Hold them in place for a couple of seconds, and they should stay put…

Step 5~ Spoon some of the chocolate into a plastic bag…

Step 6~ Cut the corner of the bag and begin to pipe 8 legs around the marshmallow.   Make sure that the tip of the bag is placed right next to the marshmallow so that the leg will adhere…

Step 7~ Let set for a bit (a couple minutes in the fridge does the trick) and your octopop is complete!

Thank you for sharing this adorable tutorial, Margit!

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