Enjoying tea is an everyday affair in London as well as all over the UK.  I learned my love of hot tea by living in England for a bit. I taught 1st grade there and each school day started with a cup of tea. The teachers took turns making tea for each other and delivering it to the classrooms- they never actually asked me to make it, which I found quite funny.  They knew we Americans may be a bit more casual about our tea.

champagne brunch with tea also served in loving cup

Other than discovering a lifelong love of hot tea, I also had the utmost fortune to make a life-long friend while living in England. I couldn’t think of a better person to ask about the basics of crafting a proper everyday tea- not a “royal” style tea or one expected at a fancy tea party, but one that can be enjoyed as we go about everyday life on our busy days.  I personally drink tea each day but must admit that I often heat water in the microwave, add a tea bag, let steep, and then enjoy.  My dear friend, Scott, who lives in London is appalled at my tea habits and has offered his help for making a far more better-tasting pot of tea! 🙂

loving cup with orchid on tea service cart

I had the good fortune of meeting Scott the very first night that I arrived in the town where I would live. I was doing my student teaching and it was my last semester of college. There were 3 of us American girls from my university that traveled together to England.  We were invited to go to the student bar (each campus in the UK had a student bar on campus), and soon after we arrived we met Scott and his large group of friends.  That chance meeting led to the most amazing friendship and amazing opportunities to see all of England and Wales, with Scott as our tour guide. He truly made our trip indescribably better by offering his friendship, knowledge of history, constant humor, and more tours of towns, cities, and landmarks across England than I can count.  I am forever thankful for the time he spent with us and for the memories that we all made. It was and is still one of the absolute highlights of my life!

champagne brunch with loving cups with tea and macarons

One of the first adjectives that comes to mind when describing Scott is funny- he is very, very funny.  In this video Scott shares his more serious side with us as he shares his tips and tricks on making a delicious tea.   He also shares the screen with his lovely son, Jack, who is quite good on camera.  As a side note, Scott says he has never made a video of this sort before and so I am especially honored at the time and effort that they put into creating this for us!

And so, live from Central London…here is a glimpse into how to make a proper-tasting tea! Thank you, Scott and Jack, for the informative and fun video! Much love to you all in England xoxo.

I think we should make you guys regular guests on the website! …Currently thinking of our next topic and virtual adventure together!

Friends, tell us below in the comments- are you a tea drinker? If so, what are your favorite teas and what do you like to add to your tea?

Thanks so much! Enjoy your next cup of hot tea!



Lydia xo

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